Widen the Circle
Widen the Circle
Building a tolerant future through a shared understanding of the past

Ignorance pulls us apart…
Understanding opens our hearts.


We are working to widen the circle of tolerance, reconciliation, and intercultural understanding, particularly in places where there is a history of extreme persecution of one group by another. Our mission is to combat prejudice by fostering a shared understanding of the past that promotes healing, as well as opens the path to dialogue and mutual trust moving forward.


New Awards Set for 2020

The Obermayer German Jewish History Awards are celebrating their 20th anniversary with new awards for fighting prejudice. Nominations are open, and the awards are presented at the Berlin Parliament in January 2020.

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This Wall Brings People Together

Students at this Berlin elementary school, built on the site of a synagogue, have been building a wall for the past two decades. It delivers a powerful message about community.

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A Nazi Legacy, A Life Giving Back

Hilde Schramm has spent her adult life fighting racism and intolerance. And she doesn’t shy from her family history as the daughter of an infamous Nazi leader.

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VIDEO: Christiane Amanpour talks to Hilde Schramm, winner of the Obermayer German Jewish History Award

AUDIO: Hear Hilde Schramm’s interview on NPR’s Here and Now

Students Reaching Students

When a handful of ninth graders from Berlin met Rolf Joseph in 2003, they were inspired by his harrowing tales of surviving the Holocaust. So inspired that they wrote a popular book about his life. Today the Joseph Group helps students educate each other on Jewish history.

“I Speak for Those Who Cannot Speak”

Margot Friedländer’s autobiography details her struggles as a Jew hiding in Berlin during World War II. Now 96, she speaks powerfully about the events that shaped her life and their relevance today.

Using Stories to Fight Bigotry

A good story can touch us. Hans-Dieter Graf, his wife Martina, and his sister Gabriele Graf, write books and tell stories that shed a light on our shared history.  


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